Persona make the headlines once again!!

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25 August 2017

Farm Animals from Smithills Farm visit Persona Grundy Day Care Centre with Bambinos Nursery


Goats, chickens and rabbits were amongst animals visiting older people in Bury, alongside pre-school children as part of a new project aimed at bridging the generation gap.


Persona's Grundy Day Care Centre hosted the animals from Smithills Open Farm in Bolton, as well as a group of young children from nearby Bambinos Day Nursery.


Staff from Smithills bought in animals for both generations to learn about and interact with.


It is the second time Bambinos' children have visited Grundy as part of efforts to bring young and old together.


In June, youngsters visited the centre in Wellington Road Bury and sang songs an played games with the older people who use the centre for a variety of day care services.


Kat Sowden, Managing Director of Persona Care and Support, said: "It was a magical day and it was great to see the joy which the animals brought to both generations."


"It's amazing how a small thing like this can brighten up an older person's day; it can have such a positive impact.  It can give eople a little hope and give them something to look forward to."


"The animals were a great way to trigger conversations about shared experiences and that's what it is all about.  Everyone went away feeling like they had experienced something special."


Persona hopes to follow up the session with an arts and craft themed visit next.  Children and older people will take part in an art or craft project based around the animals which visited this week."


Hayley Taggart of Bambinos Day Nursery said: "The children loved seeing and petting the animals and it really had the effect of bringing everyone together.  They're really excited about their next visit to Grundy and seeing their new friends."


Persona plans to make the integenerational trips a key part of its efforts to provide enriching experiences for its older customers.  Bambinos will be making monthly visits to Grundy, with other projects which will involve other children also being planned.