Laura's Bury 10k Update - I'm no Mo Farah!

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15 August 2018

So as promised, 2 weeks in and here is an update on my journey so far since signing up to do this year’s Bury 10k.  As you know the team are doing this challenge in support of Bleakholt, so if you would like sponsor us, we would be really grateful.

2 weeks in – it’s fair to say I’m no Mo Farah!!

As you know, running is not my thing, in fact any kind of exercise is not my thing.  I’ve done the usual things that people try. Going to gym, swimming, exercise classes but nothing has ever stuck with me.

So how did I get myself involved in the Bury 10k (I keep asking myself this question!)?

It all started with the team at work saying that we should enter a team for the Bury 10k.

‘You’ll do it won’t you, Laura’ I was asked several times and each time I agreed, nodding my head and saying ‘well if others are doing it, I’ll do it, but I’m not running it, I’ll walk’, whilst secretly in my head I’m thinking ‘absolutely no way am I doing that’. 

The conversations about doing the Bury 10K went on for several weeks and each time I agreed to join the Persona 10K team and even found myself encouraging others to get involved -  ‘Come on we will walk together’.   I wanted to be part of the team, I didn’t want to miss out and I thought If I can lose a few pounds along the way that would be great (everything else I was trying wasn’t working so let’s try this) and before I knew it there was an email in my inbox organising a team photo – what had I got myself involved in! (I told you I keep asking myself that question.)  So now it was happening, there I was in a photo with 13 other team members, on social media and in the Persona newsletter – no turning back now!

So, one Sunday afternoon, I decided I was going to go out for a jog, I read the couch to 5k training plan and thought I can do this.  The first week was a 5 minute brisk walk followed by a 1 minute jog and then a minute and a half walk and repeat.  That didn’t seem too bad.  

Oh my gosh, that first 1 minute jog nearly killed me! who knew a minute could last soooo long.  I couldn’t breathe, I was sweating and my face felt on fire and I had no idea how these jelly legs of mine were going to keep me going!  I was so grateful for the 1 and a half minute walk, but I was still as much out of breath at the end of the walk section as I was when I started walking!  But I dug deep and repeated the jog, walk, jog, walk.

After 20 minutes I was home, shattered and just wanted to collapse but most of all I needed a shower.  There was no way I could I do that again (seriously, what had I got myself involved in!).

Even an hour after being back home, I was still breathless!  But, there was a part of me that was curious about how far I had actually jogged, so I mapped my run, I’d done 2.5k that’s a quarter of the way - I felt a little sense of achievement. Maybe I could do this after all.  

So for the last 2 weeks I have continued with the couch to 5k training plan, some days have been good and some days have been bad, but all the team have been really encouraging especially our nominated Team Captain – John.  He is really motivating and encouraging of all of us and celebrates with each of us, our achievements each week no matter how big or small.

It’s fair to say – I’m no Mo Farah, but I’m determined to get around those 10 kilometres on 16th September along with the rest of the team – that’s my challenge.  I’ve also learnt a few things, so for anyone setting themselves a similar challenge here some of my hints and tips (although I don’t claim to be an expert):

  • Focus on the good days and celebrate your successes
  • Accept the bad days and move on
  • Share your journey with friends, family and team, they will give you that added motivation when you need it
  • Wear trainers that are designed for running - protect your joints, your muscles will be painful enough!
  • Learn to breathe! - Sounds daft but I’ve not quite mastered this one yet!


As for losing a few pounds along the way – well there is no evidence of that so far, but there seems to be a little less wobble around the hips as I run!

So wish me and the team lots of luck over the next few weeks and if you like to sponsor us for our chosen charity – Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary, we would really appreciate it.  Here's the link to our Just Giving page.

If you'd like to read more about the team challenge, click here.