Bury Shared Lives, which is managed by Persona, is a unique service that offers tailor made support to vulnerable adults within the Bury area.

This could include adults with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, older people, people living with dementia, or people who have experienced substance abuse.

Shared Lives enables the person to live an ordinary life, be an active and valued member of the community and to form meaningful relationships. Whether it's just for a few hours per week to attend social activities, a cup of tea and a chat or 24 hour support, Shared Lives will be designed to fit the person’s specific requirements and support can be flexible to meet their changing needs.

Shared Lives offers three levels of support;

  • Day Support: This is usually a four hour session in which the carer spends time with the person either in their own home or in the community doing things that are important to them.

  • Respite: The person will stay within the carer’s home for an agreed number of nights. This enables the person and their usual carer to have a break in a safe and familiar environment.

  • Long Term: This provides an opportunity for people to live as part of a carefully matched family who can deliver the highest level of care and support.

As a customer you can be reassured that all Shared Lives Carers receive a high standard of training and are carefully matched with their customer in order to provide a person centred service. Every placement receives support and regular monitoring from an allocated Support Worker to ensure that everybody in the placement is happy.


Want to know what it's like to be part of the service?  Meet Mirsad (right) and Eric:


Mirsad, a Shared Lives Carer, has supported Eric for four and a half years on a Day Support basis. Eric is an older gentleman who has found that his ability to get ‘out and about’ has deteriorated over recent years and says that the support from Mirsad “makes a hell of a difference” to his life.

Mirsad visits Eric every week and takes him the daily newspaper, then they go out to wherever they have agreed to visit that day. Sometimes Mirsad and Eric may visit a local park or museum but sometimes they venture further afield to places like Llandudno, Chester, York or Liverpool.

Eric has an interest in model boats so Mirsad has taken him to join a model boat club to chat with likeminded people and watch the boats. Eric says that “Mirsad is a constant companion”, without him he “would never go any distance” and that he “looks forward to seeing Mirsad very much, we get on very well”. Mirsad also supports Eric to attend doctors' and hospital appointments.