These are sessions and links we have found to benefit our customers and we would like to share them with you.





Click the graphic to be taken to the website.

Pathways Associates Facebook page has lots of activities!



M4D Radio and Musical Memories and BBC Memories will take you back and make you sing out loud!



Click on the Beacon Boxes for a wealth of ideas of activities to do at home.





For all the best puzzles!




Bury Leisure Facebook page has lots of follow along exercise videos.

You do not need to be on Facebook to access the classes.

Check out this Mindfullness session from Bev


Click here to visit @BuryLeisure on Facebook.

You can also view any of their previous videos here.


Sherry Zak Morris Yoga

 Check out their youtube channel here for Seated Yoga Session

Length: various - from 5 - 33 minutes

Here is one to get you going.

Click here from the Yoga Vista Studio.