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Winter Wellbeing

Winter can be a difficult time of year to keep well both physically and mentally - here are a few suggestions for you to focus on:

Talk to someone - if you have worries, or are feeling down and don't have a friend or a relative you're comfortable talking to, take a look at our Helpful Contacts section below.

Get some daylight & stay active - there are ideas to keep you active on the GM Walking, NHS Gym Free Workouts and We Are Undefeatable websites.

Stay connected & help others - make time to appreciate the people you're close to either by eating together, having a chat or playing a game without the TV on. If you're on your own at home, reach out to spend time with friends and family virtually. Another idea might be to see what volunteering opportunities there are in your area. If you're a carer, it's important that you put yourself on your to do list and don't use all your energy helping others though. Contact Bury Carers Hub if you need support.

Look after your immune system - eat well, don't have too much caffeine or alcohol and get quality sleep. Getting outside and staying active also helps, as does relaxing. Try this relaxation download from HealthPerks.

Find your coping strategy - when things get too much, it's good to know what helps you to feel better, whether it's being outside, reading a book, taking a bath or exercise. Try answering these questions with things you enjoy:

  • what makes me laugh or smile?
  • what do I find soothing?
  • how can I connect with nature?
  • how can I exercise or move my body?
  • what relaxes me?
  • how can I be mindful - stay in the moment?
  • how can I connect with others?


Kindness is 'an antidote to isolation and creates a sense of belonging. It helps reduce stress, brings a fresh perspective and deepens friendships. Kindness to ourselves can prevent shame from corroding our sense of identity and help boost our self-esteem. Kindness can even improve feelings of confidence and optimism'. Recognising kindness also means you're taking notice and finding things to be grateful for, which contribute to your wellbeing.

We could certainly all do with more of that at the moment.

We asked staff to share acts of kindness they'd seen or experienced to mark #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek in May 2020 - click here for a selection.

Coping with Coronavirus

A group of trainee Clinical Psychololgists from University College London have set up a website called Coping with Coronavirus. It includes self help guides and signposts other websites, apps, resources and videos you may find helpful. Click on the link to visit the site.

Dr Ross Harris, author of 'The Happiness Trap' has shared his tips to F.A.C.E C.O.V.I.D. which you can view here.

Free Course - COVID-19: Psychological Impact, Wellbeing and Mental Health

Futurelearn is offering this free course. When you sign up you will have access to the 3 week programme for 5 weeks. It covers:


How individuals, groups, systems and organisations (including families, key workers and people experiencing mental health conditions)

-may be affected by COVID-19

-can manage their mental health

-can be prepared for what's next

Click here to register: register for course.


The course has been written by Maudsley Learning and Tavistock and Portman NHS FT.

Helpful contacts

If you need to talk to someone about how you're feeling, you can ring Pennine Care's 27/7 mental health helpline on 0333 200 4339 or visit their website here for other organisations to contact.

Support for Ethnic Minorities Communities have set up a help line for Ethnic Minorities communities in Greater Manchester. It is open 7 days a week 10am - 6pm.

tel: 07862 279289 / 07894 126157

  • Advice, guidance and signpost relating to COVID-19 matters
  • Cross-culture emotional support related to pre- and post Covid-19 issues
  • Tailored psychosocial therapy for women and young girls victims of violence and abuse during COVID-19:
  • Individual and Group therapy available.
  • Online trainings available
  • Advice, guidance and support provided in varied languages including Somali, Kurdish, Swahili, Urdu, Arabic, French and more


For a downloadable poster, please click here or the picture.

Supporting someone living with dementia

Get support and advice from The Bury Directory here.

Dignifying Dementia are issuing a weekly newsletter while their three weekly groups are cancelled. They are also running weekly Musical Bingo sessions each week from Tuesday 12th May. The session will be broadcast live on their Facebook page and also via a WhatsApp group. If you would like to receive the newsletter or take part in the Musical Bingo session please email

We have developed these advice sheets based on information from Dementia United. Please click on the images to see & print full sized versions.


Reading to Relax

Did you know that reading for just six minutes each day can reduce stress levels by 68%?

Researchers from Mindlab International at the University of Sussex found that it lowered stress levels better than listening to music, having a cup of coffee, playing video games or taking a walk. A recent survey from the American Psychological Association also found that reading fiction is better than the news.

Reading the news can cause anxiety, fatigue or sleep loss, but reading fiction (stories) can increase empathy, build vocabulary, boost creativity and happiness and keep your mind sharp as you age. Read more about both these studies here.


Beacon Social Prescribing Service have asked colleagues and Bury residents for their recommended lockdown reading and have produced this list - click here to read it.


If you aren't already a member, you can join Bury Libraries online here and borrow eBooks and magazines (you can use a free app on your phone or tablet if you don't have an eReader).


You can also find book recommendations on Fantastic Fiction and both fiction and nonfiction recommendations and reviews on Good Reads. On Good Reads you can also connect with other readers if you want to, and exchange ideas on what to read next.


All of these images are downloadable - click to view them.


Mental Health & Wellbeing Tips


click on the images for downloadable, printable versions.




  • One of our colleagues, Jo Holland, wrote this poem to help explain the virus and lockdown to our customers. Click on it to view.



  • We've developed these posters on being at home for our customers & colleagues. Click on them to view:



Also take a look at:


  • MHFA's Weekly Wellbeing Check-up - click on the image below for a printable PDF version

Meaningful activities

  • Skills for Care have some ideas that can improve your mood & we are sharing ideas to make your own self soothe box:



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