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There has never been a better time to make that first step to start your CAREer in social care by becoming a Support Worker within our learning disability supported living team - and, even better - you don’t need previous experience or qualifications. 

We'll support you to gain the knowledge and skills to become skilled Support Worker through a variety of training options including

  • our supported induction
  • on the job shadowing
  • learning through supporting you to attain a Level 2 Adult Care Worker qualification

Whilst you are learning you are also earning! With a minimum hourly rate of £11.39 per hour and the opportunity to work either full time or part time, take that step to becoming a Support Worker today.

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So, what's involved in being a Support Worker?

You'll be supporting people with a learning disability who live in their own home, with all aspects of daily living.  So, think about the things that you do each and every day, such as getting dressed, having a bath or shower, cooking, managing your finances and taking part in different activities. The people we support do the same, they just need a little extra help from you to make it happen.

Along with everyday living, we also support people to learn new things, take part in activities within the community, achieve their goals and aspirations or to keep to a routine each week in order to ensure they keep well. We do this by taking time to understand what is important to each person and working as a team to develop a plan to achieve this.

This may be by encouraging someone to try new experiences, supporting a person to build their confidence with a certain task or activity or helping someone to become independent in completing certain things. There will be good days and bad days. Take a look at some of the things we have supported people to achieve here


You may have heard some other things about what it is like to work within a care and support role, such as:

"All you do is wipe other people’s bottoms."

Well, some people do need some help with this but not everyone does and it is a small part of the role (how often do you go to the toilet everyday?).

"There’s lots of paperwork."

You will have to record information about what has happened whilst you have been working and we are currently introducing electronic systems and devices within our teams to support this, along with training and regular support to use them.

"There's no opportunity to progress."

We have several staff whom we've supported in their roles to gain qualifications and to move into different roles within the organisation; take a look at some of their stories here

"It’s a hard job."

Yes it can be challenging and we support people whose behaviours are complex, which can make it more so.  There will be some really tough days and maybe days when you want to just have a cry (just like we can all have in our lives) but it isn’t everyday and you will be supported by a great team through those tough days and also receive training about how to deal with these types of situations.

"You could earn more working in a supermarket."

Maybe you could. At Persona we pay £10.39 an hour to all of our Support Workers, which is higher than both the national and real living wage. But what you won't get from working in a supermarket is that feeling that you'll get when you see someone smile because you've arrived at work, or because you have made someone’s else’s day the best it can be.


Whether it's supporting someone with their shopping, to an appointment or to meet up with their friends, the role really is rewarding and every day really can be different.


Find more information about the role in the job description and please take a look at our FAQ page, full of answers to your burning questions about working in care and about working with us. Click here to visit it - and if we haven't answered yours, bring it to the recruitment event!

When would I be working?

Most of the people we work with need our support 24/7, so you would work as part of a team of Support Workers who work a variety of shift patterns on a rota basis to be able to provide this support.  This could include a mixture of short or long shifts, evenings, weekends and bank holidays.  Some of the people also need support overnight, this could be provided by staff who are awake overnight, or by staff who sleep-in at the home of the person you are supporting.

Flexibility is key and we have a number of opportunities available with a variety of hours, so whether you want full time, part time or if you are a night owl, we will work with you to find a rota that works for you and for the person you will be supporting.

So, what’s stopping you?  Still not sure this role is for you?

What’s important to us is finding people who have the right attitude and who share our workplace values. We are looking for people who are:

Respectful -

you will be supporting people from different backgrounds and who have had different experiences in their life and you will need to be able to have the ability to see life through their eyes.  It's important that you take the time to get to know the person you will be supporting and that they develop a trust in you to share their challenges, goals and aspirations, so that you can learn the right level of support they need and that allows them to be safe yet independent.

Enthusiastic -

you really do need to be a people person and have a real interest in getting to know someone.  The people we support are amazing, have lots of stories to share and they will want to celebrate their achievements with you, however big or small they are.  The people we support need you to be able to live their best life so being encouraging, willing to try new things, having patience and being reliable are some key qualities we are looking for.

Adaptable -

as no two days are the same, and some can be unpredictable and challenging, being able to embrace this with flexibility and a can-do attitude will help.  No matter what each day brings it is important that you are able to stay calm, remain positive and professional at all times.

Caring -

well this goes without saying, along with the ability to communicate  - how else will you know the right level of support that is needed?  We all communicate in different ways – verbal, non-verbal, through gestures or pictures and you will need to be able to communicate with and listen to not only the person you will be supporting, but also to their families and the team you work with.

Honest -

being passionate about the care and support that you provide to make a difference to the life of another person is key.  Things don’t always go the ways we want things to, so in these situations it is important that you are able to stay strong, learn from what has happened and have the ability to move forward and learn how things can be done differently in the future.

You might even have cared for someone in your own life and felt the satisfaction of improving their day - imagine getting paid to experience that!

Find out more about our values and our purpose here.

In return for your contribution we will support you throughout your career -

For more details on learning & development, click here. We offer many employee benefits too.

Click here for stories on working for Persona, from people who work for us and read FAQ about working in care here.

Persona is committed to being an inclusive employer and recognises the value of having a diverse workforce that reflects the communities we serve.

We welcome applications from all people, irrespective of their personal characteristics or circumstances, and appointments are made objectively based upon talents, abilities and experience.

Where possible, we will support employees to work flexibly or with adjustments, so that they can perform to their best ability. We are committed to providing a working environment where all employees are treated with dignity and respect, and where individual skills and life experiences are valued.

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