Support Workers

Various hours 20 – 37 per week 

£10.01 per hour rising to £10.21 per annum on successful completion of training and probation period

You may have heard about working in social care and have an idea of what this involves, there may also be lots that you are not aware of, so to help you decide if this career is something for you, we have developed “A Day in the life” description of the kind of things that our customers need staff to do each day – it may not be like any other job description you have seen!

Most days in Persona are good days and this is the best job ever! But like anything we also have our challenging or difficult days.

As one of Personas values is honest, we feel it’s important to share real life skills that you will need, we have also shared some of the difficult and specialised tasks that customers need our support staff to be able and willing to do.

If you feel you are able to meet the requirements of the job, you will never look back, you will be happy in work and no two days will be the same.  You will be part of helping our customers to live their best life.

So this is what our customers are looking for:

We need happy, friendly, caring and approachable people to support us each day, and someone who is interested in us and helping us to achieve.

You must feel comfortable with us invading your personal space and be happy with physical contact as we often communicate or make our wishes known through touch. You must be able to distribute a warm hug if we need one.

We may not be able to talk, but we love listening to others talk, so be prepared to keep a conversation going even if we are unable to answer you back.

We each have our own way of communicating, which can be difficult to understand until you get to know us. With good listening and help from others you will learn how to communicate with us.

You will preferably have a little bit of quirkiness, if we ask you to sing Amarillo at every opportunity you mustn’t get fed up with it and join in with enthusiasm.

The ability to sing in tune is not a necessity, however the willingness to sing our favourite song or TV theme in front of a group is essential.

If you can act the fool at times and let your inhibitions go we will get on well.

Some knowledge of Musicals / Emmerdale / Coronation Street / X Factor / Britain’s Got Talent / or which famous person has recently died / when the clocks go back / would be advantageous and you need to be prepared and happy to repeat yourself over and over again!

A high level of multi-tasking is essential and you must be able to do this in busy / sometimes noisy places.

We need you to be a good listener and be interested in what we are saying and respond to us.

It’s important to us that you are physically fit and able to help us do whatever we need you to do.  We like to do lots of activities such as walking / swimming / cycling / going to the gym.  We may need you to push us in our wheelchairs and take us to wherever we want to go and to do whatever we want to do.

We don’t just go out in nice weather, we enjoy community sessions and the outdoors all year round, so you will need to come dressed for the job!

We may need help to go to the toilet and we can’t always wipe or clean ourselves.  You will need to feel comfortable and assist us respectfully with this.

We need staff who can cope and be adaptable when things don’t go as planned, we sometimes can be unpredictable / do unusual things / or get angry like anyone can. Although when this happens you will be supported, it’s important that you don’t take this personal and that you “Keep Calm” and carry on.  With practice, training and support you will learn how to deal with and adapt to change in situations.

We love it when staff share their interests and skills we us, but we also may need our staff to be prepared to learn new skills so they can support us to carry out the things we want to do.

You must feel comfortable to enjoy a meal with us or assist us to eat our meal as due to our disability we may not be able to do this without help.

If you like to be active and on the go, this is the job for you.

You must authentically show an interest in things that may not interest you, and be enthusiastic with it.

You must be prepared to have a lot of fun in the workplace, laughter is something you can expect to engage in for a large part of your working day.

Finally you must be prepared to feel special, needed, appreciated, wanted and important to us and our families and carers, we need support staff who are reliable and committed to assisting and encouraging us to live our best life.

And finally, while you are in work your day “Is all about me”!

Here is some feedback from our wonderful staff who feel honoured to work for Persona:

It’s so great, I love this job, and it’s the best job you could ever wish for.

I find my job very rewarding.

The team I work with make the job I do so easy, we work very well as a team, and I would not want to work anywhere else.

So we hope this gives you a really good snapshot of what it is like to work as a Support Workers within our Supported Living team and how you can support people to live their best life however big or small this may be.

What skills do I need to be a Support Worker

You don’t need to have previous experience of working in a social care what’s important is that you are a good communicator, patient, creative, able to work on your own initiative and also as part of a team.  Most of all we are looking for someone who shares our values and you will need to make the effort to get to know each customer so a relationship of trust can be built.

You will support people with a variety of activities such as managing their finances, cooking, cleaning and shopping.  Some of our customers also require support with personal care such as bathing, dressing and un-dressing, managing medication and support with their mobility. We also support customers with complex and behavioral needs, in your role, you will follow comprehensive planning and risk assessments, to ensure that you support the customers to achieve positive outcomes.

There’s lots of fun to be had to as we actively encourage our customers to engage in a variety of activities such as going on long walks, joining in with virtual activity sessions, baking and much more. We also like to support our customers to go to the cinema, swimming, eating out and shopping.

We have a number of vacancies, including part time and full time. Flexibility is important as you will work on a rota basis. The rotas include a mix of shifts, including full days, short days, evenings, weekends, bank holidays.

Supported living is a 24-hour service which means we also need staff who are able to complete sleep in shifts, this is usually between the hours of 10pm and 7am, where you sleep in the staff bedroom at one of the 24-hour properties, with the customers you support.

See the attached Job Description for the full details of the role and if you like what you have read and feel passionate about the Persona Values, please contact us on 0161 253 6174 and register for our recruitment event:

                 on 15th October 2021 at 2:15pm at Grundy Day Centre, Bury, BL9 9AH

and be that person that makes someone smile at the end of the day!