David - Day Care Officer

Posted on
23 December 2015

Name: David Pope

Job Role: Day Care Officer

What it’s like to work here:

I work for Persona’s Grundy Day Care centre, which caters for older adults with complex care needs. It is also the site where Persona’s head office is based. What we do here is demanding, skilled and involves a lot of hard work, patience and understanding.

Working in the heart of Persona is a fast paced, challenging and rewarding experience. You get the opportunity to help improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in our borough. You also see Persona developing as a company around you, and all staff have an opportunity to voice their opinions on how the company should move forward.

Our staff team are a close group and are very supportive of each other. Although we are by no means perfect, we genuinely care about each other.  We get regular training courses, and have access to support when we need it. And although I have a learning disability, I can honestly say that it does not disadvantage me in the workplace. 

I’ve found this job has helped to shape my skill set and professional career in ways I never would have imagined. Through my work I’ve had the opportunity to network with various social care professionals and through doing that I have built up a knowledge of what services are available in our community, and how to access them. I have sat on Bury Council’s Health and Safety board and been able to have input on policy during draft stages, as well as address concerns from our staff team, and see those concerns resolved. I’ve been given the opportunity to work as the union shop steward, which has taught me about workers rights and employment law. Early next year I’m taking a course which will allow me to support our staff to access adult learning courses, and personal development training. I’ve helped to organise and run community entertainment events, which is something I’d never have dreamed of attempting. Last year me and a few colleagues did a travel training course and we are now amongst the first few people in the country to hold this valuable qualification.

All of these opportunities have been offered to me not because I stand out from my colleagues or because I am favoured. All I did was express my interest in these areas and volunteer for the roles. Management have not only supported me to do these things, they’ve actively encouraged me.

Working for Persona is more than just a care job for me,  it’s personal and professional development, because that is the path I was able to choose here.