PersonAwards 2021

The PersonAwards are back!

Following a break last year, the PersonAwards are back for 2021 with a difference.  On 1st October 2021 we are bringing you a combined PersonAwards and Celebration Day to coincide with Persona’s 6 year anniversary.


Over the last couple of years, more than ever, we have seen our values shine through and it is important that we take the time to recognise and celebrate the achievements and hard work of every employee and volunteer in supporting people to live their best life.


So, this year our award categories are focussed on our values and recognising the outstanding contributions of individuals who have gone above and beyond in putting these into practice.


What are the award categories?

Respectful Award - This is for an individual who is aware of their interactions with others and the impact that this may have. They take time to listen with an open mind, take other people’s views on board, communicate politely, and treat everyone with dignity.


Enthusiastic Award - This is for an individual who takes a positive outlook on everything they do and manages to motivate others along the way. They believe they can achieve anything, are keen to learn new things, have fun along the way and are always reliable.


Adaptable Award - This is for an individual who responds positively to change and alters their approach to fit the situation, whatever this may be.  When they are faced with something that needs doing differently, they roll up their sleeves and adapt to what the person or situation requires.


Caring Award - This is for an individual who is a true caring champion.  It’s about the extra attention to detail that makes the difference, such as knowing what matters to someone, remembering things that make someone smile, taking the time to check in on someone, or taking a genuine interest in others.


Honest Award - This is for an individual who shows courage and confidence to speak up when it matters.  This person is consistent, they act as a true role model in what they say and do and take responsibility for learning from each situation, especially if things don’t quite go to plan.


REACH Award - This is for an individual who is a top 2%er and who puts the values into practice each day. They are your ‘go to’ team member who is flexible and reliable and nothing is ever too much. They really do demonstrate a ‘can do’ attitude and always go the extra mile to achieve the best possible outcomes.


Please click here for a downloadable and printable nomination booklet.

Nominations are now closed - stay tuned for the shortlisting announcement, coming soon!


How will shortlisting take place?

Initial shortlisting will take place with Persona’s Non-Executive Board Members, who will shortlist 10 finalists per category. 


Then it is over to our staff!


All staff members will be given the opportunity to vote for 3 finalists per award category and this will take place through survey monkey.  The winners of each category will be based on the finalist that receives the most votes.


How will winners be announced?

On the 1 October, members of Persona Leadership Team will be visiting the winners of each category at their place of work to present winner’s gifts and enable staff to celebrate with customers and members of their team. 


We will also create a video to capture the highlights of the day, and this will be shared for all to watch at a time that works for you.  We're asking all our services to send us pictures of their events so they can feature in the video.

Event information

Start Date:
Friday 1st October 2021

Start Time:

End Date:
Friday 1st October 2021

End Time:

0161 253 6000


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