Spurr House Values Garden

Posted on
06 October 2020

At Spurr House the garden has been designed by Francine so that each colour, flower and plant represents the Persona Values. She describes the motivation behind each colour.


Everyone loves respect, and I hope soon we will see this colour in our garden, where it will bounce through the wind and collide with other flowers and grasses. We all love to be respected for whatever beliefs, views, opinions or qualities we may have. For each one counts, and without these, life would be boring and stale. Treat the garden with respect by not littering it up with rubbish or cigarettes. Don’t allow these to end up in plant boxes, or on the floor. I’m sure you would not like to be treated with disrespect.


This is represented in the garden by small pink flowers of Lobelias. Though this symbolises care, in order to really care, it requires some enthusiasm. If there is no heart in what we do here for our customers, then there will be no real caring going on. Notice the bright pink plant box nearest to Sandringham Unit which represents this value too.


The bright yellow plant box can’t help but be bold along with the Daffodils we planted. They swayed and danced in the wind and brought such delight. Some were tall and others were small, as being adaptable comes in all shapes and sizes. Staff throughout the day, whether they are tired or joyful, still bear this gift; delivering it in so many ways from providing you with activities, from cooking your favourite meals, to conversing and coming up with so many great ideas, or staying on for a few more minutes, or taking on extra shifts. Other times it is by taking care of the very small details that are not often noticed including those ones you do see, but every task done here by us is so you can enjoy your day.


We had some amazing and quite stunning purple tall flowers known as Allium Azureum. Unfortunately the Azureum’s season has come to an end, but we will all enjoy watching these grow, and they will grow again. We want you to know that our value of care is very high up on the list. You will also notice there are some Lobelias in the hanging bags up at the side of the walls. Did you know that parts of this plant are used to make medicine for breathing problems such as asthma, bronchitis, whooping cough and shortness of breath? Some take it as a sedative to enable them to relax. So the next time you see this plant or think about this value; both the plant, and colour stand for its meaning – caring.


Green is the most prevalent colour in the garden, from the stems of each flower to the grass in the corner. Notice how these ebb and flow, and bend with ease when the wind blows. Yet it's not always easy to be honest and own up to mistakes or come clean, but as the saying goes: “Honesty is the best policy.” Being honest with one another will enable us to all care, trust and support each other, not just as your carers, cleaners and managers of Spurr House, but as customers too. Let’s be honest with each other. We can all help and support each other through whatever situation may arise.

By Francine Millar

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