Carol and Mohammed are long term Shared Lives carers for Imran and Joseff

Posted on
02 July 2019

'We've come from fostering to Shared Lives because of the two boys - because they have a plethora of issues, they don't cope with change.

Imran and Joseff first came to us when they were small, now one is 27, the other one is 22, so they've been with us some considerable years. They're just like our boys and they call us mum and dad; they don't think of anybody else as their family, it's just us. So we've had to change our home to make sure they're always safe. This is difficult because you think of the long term and you're not always going to be there. 

They're really good boys, you can't complain about them at all even with all their issues - but we've all got them, haven't we?  Some more than others but nobody's perfect!’

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