Carol, on how Spurr House helped her and her mum get their confidence back

Posted on
02 July 2019

Carol, on how Spurr House helped her and her mum get their confidence back.

'Mum had been in and out of hospital since the summer; each time she was told she discharged, she certainly wasn’t well enough to come home, even with care in place.  I was struggling to visit her in hospital twice a day, whilst dealing all the calls from her friends, who used me as a diary for when they could visit her.

I was also feeling the emotional strain of realising I was unable to continue to care for her, but I wasn’t prepared to give in; I wanted her to come home.  Both Spurr House and Elmhurst had been recommended by friends and we’d already used Elmhurst for a holiday break.  Mum went to Spurr House for a couple of short visits between her stays in hospital, while I made sure everything was ready for her at home.  Knowing mum was at Spurr House was such a relief and it gave me breathing space to organise a support plan, a downstairs bedroom and the aids she needed.  

Mum gained confidence and got her strength back while she was there – they got her back on her feet and gave us a bridge between hospital and home; it gave us both the confidence to try again at home.  

To anyone thinking of going to Spurr House, I would say that it’s absolutely a safe, supportive, caring place for respite.  The staff were truly wonderful with me and my mum and we were both grateful for the help, support and kindness we got from everyone there.'

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