Mirsad was Eric's 'constant companion' and even COVID-19 couldn’t keep them apart

Posted on
02 July 2019

Mirsad, 2019’s Shared Lives Carer of the Year, supported his customer Eric for a number of years. Eric was an older gentleman who had found that his ability to get ‘out and about’ had deteriorated over recent years and he said that the support from Mirsad “makes a hell of a difference” to his life. Mirsad would visit Eric every week and take him the daily newspaper, then they would go out to wherever they had agreed to visit that day. Sometimes Mirsad and Eric might visit a local park or museum but sometimes they ventured further afield to places like Llandudno, Chester, York or Liverpool.

Eric had an interest in model boats so Mirsad took him to join a model boat club to chat with like-minded people and watch the boats. Eric said that “Mirsad is a constant companion”, without him he “would never go any distance” and that he “looks forward to seeing Mirsad very much, we get on very well”.


In the past couple of years Eric’s condition deteriorated. He developed Dementia, no longer recognised his own son, and went to live in a care home. However, Mirsad was still visiting him, taking him his favourite fruit and croissants and taking him out up to four times per week.


When the COVID-19 crisis arrived, the home went into lockdown and Mirsad was not allowed to visit, but he still rang every day to see how Eric was. Three months after they had last seen each other, Mirsad was sure that Eric would not remember who he was. Then he received a phone call from the home; Eric had been asking them where Mirsad was, why he hadn’t been to visit him -  and that he would like to speak to him on the phone. Which of course, he did, and there followed an emotional telephone reunion between the two.


Mirsad then began visiting Eric and seeing him through the window. As you can see in the pictures, Eric certainly recognised Mirsad and was very happy to see him.




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