It is important to us that the services we provide and deliver offer a positive customer experience, which is also to the satisfaction and expectations of all our stakeholders.

One of the ways we assess and improve our customer experience is with the help of the Friends of Persona.


About the Friends

Previously known as the Stakeholder Forum, the Friends are a panel of volunteers who care about adult social care in Bury, and who want to help Persona to be the best provider they can possibly be for their customers.

Persona works with the Friends to get feedback from customers, relatives and staff and it is important that we understand, listen and respond to their feedback, views and suggestions.  This helps us to influence and shape the delivery and direction of the Persona offer; to ensure that we offer high quality, effective services and a ne of the positive customer experience, which people will feel confidence in choosing and which is to the satisfaction and expectation of all our customers and their families.



The Friends of Persona suggested the 2019 rebrand of the forum, as they didn't feel that the old title was an accurate picture of what they do, or of the passion they have for influencing improvements in adult social care. They have commissioned their own logo, which they feel embodies their approach to everything they do.


Aims & Objectives

The Friends of Persona's main aims are:

  • ensuring regular communication between all our key stakeholders, members of local communities and Persona
  • providing information on people's experiences of social care in general and Persona's in particular
  • consulting and feeding back on any area of Persona's service
  • ensuring customer satisfaction and experience is at the heart of everything we do
  • enhancing/assisting communication between staff, customers, services and management
  • acting as a key point of contact for any important issues to be discussed, and in sharing and generating new ideas
  • representing Persona at events and activities


Click on the image below to see how the Friends of Persona fits into our Governance Structure:


How can I find out more or join the forum?

The Friends of Persona would like more members to join them and they are keen to engage with people from a variety of age groups, backgrounds, experiences and interests, to get fresh ideas.

Susan Ruddock, the chair of The Friends of Persona, says

“The forum helps Persona to solve operational issues, set priorities and develop better services for customers. Becoming a forum member is an opportunity to make a real difference and have your say on improving social care in Bury.”

If you live, train or work in Bury, you could commit to meeting every other month, and you would like to be a Friend of Persona, please contact Catherine Nugent on 0161 253 5337 or email

Please click here to download our Friends of Persona information pack.

For more information on how we track and improve our customer satisfaction and experience, please visit our Quality page by clicking here.