Debbie Raistrick, customer

The team at Bolton Road CC are a great team they are supportive and caring, respectful and generally interested in the people they support and their lives, as a support worker myself I work with two people who attend this centre. 
The team I work with have always found that the team at Bolton Road have really excellent communication with us and whatever our people or the team need they are always on hand to help us, guide us with whatever we may need, they go above & beyond, have a great sense of humour which is really needed in this kind of job. 
Our clients are very happy to go the centre because they have a nice time and feel safe and secure in the knowledge that they are with people who actually care about their wellbeing. It's a lovely feeling when you drop them off in the morning and you are welcomed like part of a big family. They also make a decent brew and a biccie!


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