Below is a selection of some recent compliments that we have received.


  • I want to thank you for all you’ve done to try and help keep me safe. I recognise all the effort and I really appreciate it. Shared Lives gave me a safe space to live these past few months when I was in crisis. I went from being homeless, haggard and hopeless to happy and hopeful.
  • Mike, a Shared Lives carer, is a fantastic guy, he is so professional and caring. He is a genuine person when he is with someone. I would trust him 100% if I had to confide in someone with any aspect of my life.
  • Shared Lives have gone above and beyond to support Ann and make this a positive experience for her, since being with shared lives her mood has improved and her relationship with her parents has also improved. 
  • Shared lives scheme are a very helpful service. When someone is living within your home it is vital that a healthy and trusting relationship is in place, in particular one in which you don’t feel judged. We feel that the scheme appreciates our contribution and show tremendous care for our needs too. When someone is in your space and home you need extra understanding around privacy and space for yourselves so that you can continue enjoying the role. Shared lives respects our privacy and want us to feel we can have as normal a life as possible. This I believe means that the scheme users get a much healthier relationship with the family. Thank you!
  • When I was going through the matching process, I had questions about how the introductions were working due to the pandemic and what was allowed given restrictions. Diane was great and clear at communicating everything to me. I felt that I could be honest and open if I felt that a match wasn’t going to be a good fit for me.