Judith Eardly-Ostengaard, customer's daughter

The staff who work at Pinfold Lane are a strong team who work together to enrich the lives of people with dementia. First of all it gave me comfort in knowing mum was able to be her amazing self in a supported environment which was safe. Also, I know anytime I could call in or telephone if I was concerned or just needed more help in understanding what was happening to Mum.

Lesley, Social Care Officer

I visited Mr Hilton yesterday and he cannot praise the staff and Pinfold Lane enough, and the day centre itself. Says there “is nothing they can improve on”.

Doreen Shaw, customer's wife and carer

After Graham had his first visit to your unit at Pinfold, all I can say is, listening to him you have a ‘5’ star hotel. He keeps telling me to book in! He quotes 'the people who are working there are genuine, so kind, and treated me so nice' (in fact he was telling me how nice you were to him- he cried). 'From the coach they treated me lovely, I want to meet them all again.' He said the food was excellent, well set out and enjoyable. He said the whole day has been a pleasure and will be remembered by him! These are quotes he is saying and telling the family. So I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ from me it’s a lifeline to me! So, so appreciated. 

Paul, customer's husband and carer

My wife loves it at Pinfold, she always gives me a smile at the mention of going there. The centre gives me a great break from my caring role and I know she is safe and well cared for by staff who are lovely, friendly, caring and always helpful.  

Mary, John and Andrew, customer's family members

You cared for our beloved mother Christina again lovingly and with compassion you were a wonderful help for us during the last years of our mums life. You enabled us to care for our mum while she lived in her own home. Thank you very very much.


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