Sue Marsh, customer's daughter-in-law

I want to express my thanks to all those involved in the initial and ongoing care given to my mother-in-law. The level of coordination between teams and communication with both myself and my mother was remarkable, which as I live in London was especially appreciated. 

Social Worker

A thank you to Spurr staff, from a social worker; thank you for looking after this customer last few months. It seems to me the staff have worked really well to stabilise her and get her used to the care and support she needs through the day and night. Her safety, quality of life and dignity have all been looked after and I’m grateful for that.    

Customer's daughter

The respect and dignity shown to my mum was unbeliebable.  The staff are not just carers, paid to do a job; they are truly remarkable people who actually care. No words can sum up how we as a family have felt about the care my mum recieved at Spurr. 

Anita, customer's daughter

I can't say enough about Spurr House, the staff are fabulous. They go the extra mile, are professional, respectful and work hard together to resolve any issues quickly. Staff care for my mum in the best way possible. I would recommend Spurr to anyone. 

Customer's relative

When mum went to Spurr, immediately the difference in ambience was immense compared to mum's previous service. Staff are truly amazing, patient and wonderful with all their customers who all clearly appeared happy, clean and well cared for.

Alex, customer's relative

My dad's Alzheimer's was getting worse and I was at my wit's end, respite stopped me getting ill over the worry. Both the service and the staff were wonderful and fantastic when caring for my dad, they really helped me in my time of need. 


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