Your Voice is Persona’s approach to engage and involve the people who use our services more effectively in providing feedback and informing decisions about the future of the organisation.

Each service now has some form of service level customer committee in place.

These are a way to engage people who use our services to discuss what’s working and what could be better. There is also an overarching Persona-wide committee which will meet quarterly. The service committees will feed into the overarching committee meeting, with representatives attending it to contribute thoughts and ideas on behalf of their service area.

During the first meeting of the overarching committee, a discussion took place about what the name of these meetings should be, so that the essence of them is captured in the name. We wanted to find a name which would ideally work for both customer engagement and staff engagement forums. Following some discussion, service committees and the employee forum voted on a shortlist of 3 options and the most popular one was Your Voice.

Although we are in the early stages of taking our engagement to the next level, we are confident that we make better decisions when we put people, both staff and the people we support, at the heart of our thinking.

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