Chayim really enjoys having people to talk to!

Posted on
22 October 2019

Chayim joined Shared Lives in 2018; he had been living alone with carers popping in throughout the day but this hadn't been working as well as he'd hoped.

Since he's moved in with Avremi and his family, Chayim says he's enjoying life a lot more and is a lot more active.

'I've achieved a lot of independent and social skills; I can now do my belt and cufflinks myself, and I can shave myself too.  I'm learning how to cross the road, so I'm safer and can go to places on my own. I'm doing some gym based exercise classes a few times a week and I go walking and riding.'

He's also enjoying living as part of a family - 'I really enjoy having people to talk to, it's just really nice. I'm not as lonely and I'm not on my 'phone as much.'

His health has also improved; a recent letter from Chayim's consultant shows that previously planned surgery is no longer needed - 'As a result of the activities I'm doing, I feel a lot better. My spine has stopped moving - it's not even stopped getting worse; it has actually got better!'

What an incredible improvement!


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