Chayim's New Home

Posted on
14 February 2023

Chayim moved into his own home in October 2022 and he's shared his experience with us:

Sometimes it feels lonely, as when I lived in Shared Lives with a family there was always someone around, so it's different. It took some time to sort out but I feel more independent having my own home. I never had to think about basic things like organising gas and electricity when I lived with a family. I haven't enjoyed it as much as I thought I would yet, but I hope I'll get used to it soon. I miss living with a family as there were more people around, but I do get my own space and can organise my own time and what I do. 

The worst thing about having my own home is getting used to spending time on my own, especially if my support is cancelled at the last minute when I know I could have made other plans. 

The best thing is having more independence and choice of what I do, I now choose to walk to local places more instead of getting a lift which gives me more time with the support worker and good exercise for me.




He still has regular day support from Shared Lives and the long term placement Chayim had with a family for four years has made huge, positive changes to his life. He explains:

Before I moved in with a Shared Lives family I lived on my own with support, but I didn’t always have support when I needed it most. 

My life without Shared Lives would not be as good as it is now. Since becoming a part of it in 2018 I have become more independent, travelling around the area on my own, I started working and I got healthier. The skills I have gained whilst living with a family have helped me now I am living on my own; the timetable that I followed and activities I joined have remained an important part of my week, such as volunteering at the food bank, assisting in a workshop and studying. (I started studying some time ago and when I achieved a section of my studying, my Shared Lives family put on a celebration party for me.) 

While I've been with Shared Lives I got the chance to join committees such as Patient Voices Matter with the NHS and Persona Your Voice. I am also part of the Shared Lives committee.

I am happy that I can still be part of Shared Lives and go for supper visits at families' houses during the week. I am hoping to settle more into my own home in time, as I am sure this is the best solution for me. 




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