Chayim's new skills Shine Through

Posted on
02 February 2021

Chayim started working at Shine Through in February 2018 and for the first year he had a personal assistant (PA) to help him carry out his tasks, which include data entry, filing and mechanical and electrical assembly.


Gary, who owns Shine Through, says "He couldn't hold a screwdriver when he started with us; now he can handle a range of manual and powered tools and he's developed the fine motor skills needed for handling small components and the intracate assembly of small parts. Just today, I trained him on a new and delicate part of the assembly process which he picked up very quickly with 100% competence, there was no way on earth this would have happened two years ago."


Chayim adds "“When I started, I barely knew how to hold a drill and it took me an hour to put one foot onto the hotplates, now I can do four in an hour. I also file the post in month order, with the oldest at the bottom and newest at the top. When I started two and a half years ago I went with a PA now I go on my own, I enjoy the repetitious work and the treats I get during the day.”


"Chayim listens to instructions and is much more aware of the environment around him. I am very proud of his progress and hope this will continue, with bigger and better things ahead", Gary says.



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