November 2022 Update


We have created a printable poster to show the hourly cost of common appliances in your home, please click here for this or click here for an Easy Read version.

Earlier Updates


This helpful chart explains how much the appliances in your house cost to run (pricing correct in September 2022). There's also a calculator you can use here to work this out.


Blue Light Card Scheme (discount service for the emergency services, NHS, social care sector and armed forces) - you buy a card which lasts 2 years for £5. This entitles you to all sorts of discounts with a range of companies. 


Martin's Money Tips – Martin Lewis provides a regular newsletter with tips and advice on how to save money.


Prescriptions – if you have a long term condition you may be eligible for free prescriptions rather than paying charges. For more details of who is eligible for free prescriptions, click here. If you need a lot of prescriptions but you're not eligible for free prescriptions, you can purchase a three month or an annual Pre Payment Certificate (PPC) which will save you money if you need more than 3 prescriptions in 3 months, or more than 11 prescriptions in a year.


Specialist shoes – where someone requires wide fit shoes due to a health condition they may be able to buy these VAT free saving them money.


Get free, local debt counselling from CAP here or call 0800 328 0006 (calls from a mobile may be cheaper on 01274 760839).


Buying supermarkets own brands can save a lot of money over a year.


Some tips for when you're cooking:

  • Batch cook and freeze meals
  • Use a steamer, air fryer or slow cooker
  • All avoid putting the oven on which can cost more money
  • When boiling potatoes, rice or pasta – bring to boiling and then turn the heat off and leave the lid on and they will cook in their own heat


Lidl Plus Card – Lidl have a rewards app you can download for savings with every shop.


Snoop – ties bank accounts together and gives you insights into what you spend your money on and allows you to forecast etc. Also provides reductions on bills like Sky.