Here are are some of our frequently asked questions - scroll down to read them.


What is Grundy Hub and who do we cater for?

Grundy Hub is a place where people over the age of 50 can come to make friends, join in with activities, have a hot meal and be supported with their bathing or personal care. There are always lots of exciting activities taking place so people can come to have a good time with us. People can come if they are fully independent and just want to make friends or have a meal, but we also cater for people who may require more support with personal care.


Where are we and how do you get here?

We’re located just off Wellington Road in Bury, opposite the running track. If you're coming to use the centre, the easiest way to get here and to make the most of your day, is to make your own way to the hub.

Alternatively, if you can’t get here yourself, Bury Council provide a transport service, but you would need to be referred by a social worker and there is a cost.


What facilities do we have?

  • Grundy Hub is all on one level, with easy access to all areas.
  • Large Bistro seats up to 60 people, also used for more active sessions, like our tea dances and parties.
  • A choice of 3 lounges, each seating up to 20 people.
  • An open plan foyer, with television screen, touch screen tablet and computer with public Wi-Fi.
  • An enclosed, paved patio area with outdoor furniture and potted plants and a further enclosed, secure garden area with raised beds
  • 2 accessible bathrooms with toilets and a further 5 accessible toilets
  • Walk in shower
  • Assisted Parker bath and assisted Aqua Nova bath, with Liko overhead tracking hoist
  • Call system for people to alert/communicate with staff in all communal areas and bathrooms.
  • Information, advice and signposting to other services
  • Cuppuccino Bistro – Home cooked food, open to the public Monday – Friday 12pm - 2pm (please call the centre for more - click here for our contact details)
  • On site car park for maximum of 20 cars. On street parking is also available around the centre.


What activities do we do?

We do lots of different, fun activities such as hoopla and arts and crafts. As well as these, we have mentally and physically stimulating activities such as reminiscence activities, armchair exercises, musical activities and pet therapy.

We also get out and about in the local community, for example to garden centres for lunch, or for parties. Click here to read more about what goes on at Grundy Hub.

Is lunch included?

We have an onsite catering provider, Cuppaccino, who provide all our meals. There are lots of options so we cater for all dietary requirements: vegetarians, pureed food and soft diets. There’s a hot meal and a dessert every day and there are lighter options such as jacket potatoes, salads and sandwiches - there is a cost for lunch depending on what you decide to have.

In addition to lunch, Cuppaccino provides a take-home-tea service, which also has a charge. This includes a sandwich, a piece of cake and some fruit if you decide you don’t want to cook and want to take something home instead.


How can Grundy help me?

We understand it can be challenging when your health or your loved one’s health starts to deteriorate and you might need to access services. 

It might just be that you’re feeling socially isolated, that you’d like to meet new friends or join in with activities; you might need much needed care or respite to have time away from a loved one to give them a break and you a break. Here at Grundy Hub, we can help you with that.


Can you administer medication?

We can administer medication whilst you’re at the hub and all of our staff are trained. Please speak to a member of staff for more - click here for our contact details.


How do I know if Grundy Hub is for me?

Free taster sessions are available for anyone who thinks they may want to come to the hub. We can also arrange a tour when our friendly team can also answer any further questions you may have. A tour will also give you the opportunity to meet the team and other people who attend the hub so you can get a real feel for what goes on here. There is no obligation for anyone to attend following the visits, but hopefully you’ll want to come back and join in with the fun we have.


Are there other services available at Grundy Hub?

We have a local podiatrist who visits the hub every 6-12 weeks and we have a hairdresser on site a few days a week. Staff can make an appointments for you for either of these services.

We also have a bathing service with two specialist bathrooms that have fully adapted baths and a walk-in shower. One of our bathrooms can offer a spa-like experience, with mood-lighting and music and you can bring your own aromatherapy oils. There is a cost for all of these additional services.


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