From dreams of marine biology to day service manager: Carmen's career pathway

Posted on
02 July 2024


My dream growing up was to become a marine biologist, but I couldn't get into university to do my choice of degree, so I settled for Microbiology. As it wasn’t what I had set my heart on doing, I didn’t enjoy it and I dropped out.

While I was exploring my options and going through some major changes in my personal life, I came across a support worker apprenticeship at a training academy in 2013, who guaranteed a job interview with a care provider if you completed the first year of the course. I looked into what the job entailed and felt immediately interested, as it involved working with people with mild learning disabilities, supporting them to achieve their goals and wishes and learning living skills. I completed my first year, secured an interview and managed to get a job and completed my apprenticeship. I enjoyed my role very much.

I requested to do a Level 2 in Health and Social Care in 2015 and then also completed my Level 3 and became senior support worker in 2019. I didn’t want to stop there. I had a ‘things to do before 40 list’ of my own dreams and wishes I wanted to achieve and I managed to enrol to do Level 5 in Health and Social Care and became an assistant manager in a supported living service. 

I found my passion and my vocation in working in health and social care from the day I started my apprenticeship, as I could envision the opportunities that it would offer for my future and to this day there are no regrets.

I wouldn’t say it is an easy job, but it is a career that gives you a lot of job satisfaction knowing the differences you are making to someone else; it shaped me as an adult and taught me some good life lessons too.

The best career decision I have made to date is to try my hand as the day services manager for Learning Disability Day Services in 2023. It is a fresh challenge that has a lot of scope to do some amazing things. I am very much excited about the future. 

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