From office work to caring: Cathy's career pathway

Posted on
02 July 2024

I have always worked within the office environment from the age of 17, apart from a year I had working for a hygiene company driving a van, which at the time I thought was the best job ever.

I had always wondered what it would be like working in care but never built the courage to walk away from what I'd always done and apply for a job in care, up until recently when I took the plunge. I applied for a job and was successful and here I am - a year and a half later I'm absolutely loving it. I am a care assistant in a day care centre where we support adults with dementia.

Yes, some days it can be challenging, but EVERY day is very rewarding because you are making that difference to people’s lives.  There is always progression working in the care sector, within my year and a half I have been enrolled on a Level 2 Health and Social Care apprenticeship and I've also taken on the role of being Persona’s Workforce Ambassador.

The only regret I have is not taking that plunge years ago, but it’s never too late.....if you get the opportunity to work in care go for it!! 

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