From police plans to recruitment: Sue's career pathway

Posted on
02 July 2024

When I left school, I wanted to join the police force so I went to college to do a social care course for a couple of years until I was old enough to enrol in the police cadets. Whilst at college I had a placement in a residential home for older people and never looked back! I have completed lots of training and qualifications which have all been supported by my employers, so I have never needed a student loan.

It hasn’t always been easy and sometimes you have to do and see things that aren’t very nice but I have always found that you can get through it if you are working as part of a team.  

The rewards you get from working in social care are huge, such as knowing that you have made a real difference to someone’s life, a smile from someone you support when you start your shift, seeing someone achieve a goal they have been working towards and thought was impossible.

There are so many opportunities in social care, I never got bored, I just kept trying new things and my career progressed.


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