Diane's Role in Care

Posted on
21 December 2023


Hello, I'm Diane Leach and I work at Peachment Place in Bury. The service is independent living for people over 55 and there are 61 apartments. My job title is Wellbeing Assistant, and I cover for annual leave.


At the moment I am covering nightshifts although I do pick up some days and evening shifts if there's no nightshifts going. What we do on day and evening shifts is slightly different than night shifts.

On days and evenings, we have more care calls to do for our clients who have care packages. We do an assortment of care ranging from social calls like playing cards to more personal care such as helping them get dressed and helping people with their medication for some of the people we support.

On night shifts we only have one bedtime call and a couple in the morning. In between we have the emergency system which each of our clients have a pendant that they wear around their neck or a bracelet. When someone has an emergency they press the button on the pendant and we go and help them. This happens more often at night than it does during the day.


One of our other tasks is cleaning, which we do during the day but tend to do more at night.


I really enjoy working at Peachment Place, our managers are great and so are the staff and people we support.


It feels good to go home knowing you've made someone’s life that bit easier and it’s a very satisfying job.


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