Fun at Work Day

Posted on
04 December 2018

To celebrate Fun at Work Day in 2018, we asked staff to complete a survey about what makes their jobs fun. 

Thank you to everyone who took part; here are some of the responses*:

Casual Team:


Very friendly group, very friendly group. I enjoy myself working with the group it was really fun.


Love our jobs. Good team spirit. The clients we support - lovely ladies.


Grundy Day Centre Staff:


Having a good sense of humour. Wanting to make customers feel good so we try and create a happy atmosphere. Doing activities that create laughter. Laughter is contagious. If the staff are laughing customers are too. You have to love your job. To have fun on a daily basis.


We know each other well and don't take each other too seriously. We love to celebrate special events and like to get dressed up and get everyone involved.


We like to laugh and make our workplace a fun and happy environment.


People who enjoy being part of a team and who enjoy their work. This makes them happy and comfortable which shows up in the way they interact with each other and their customers.


Everyone is quirky and a little bit eccentric.


Supported Living Team:


Knowing I make a difference to the lives of the people I work with.


Colleagues are always up for a laugh. Friendly, helpful, approachable, loyal and caring.


Learning Disability Day Service Team:


Everyone engages in the activity they are doing and are always looking for ways to improve it for the customer so they get more pleasure out of the everyday things that they do.


We enjoy each others' company and can have a laugh. We also enjoy the company of our customers who make us laugh on a regular basis (in a good way)!


Spurr House Staff:


Nice atmosphere. Laughter is always heard. Staff enjoy their job.


Head Office Staff:


What makes it fun is the people I work with. It's not all 'happy days' but in general it is a fun place to be. We have a lot of laughs throughout the day which makes coming to work more enjoyable.


A warm welcome, plenty of laughter and an interest around what's happening in your world.


Knowing you can ask for help and get it - straight away. It lightens the load and makes work more enjoyable. My team are all great fun and we can have a laugh together while still getting the job done.


All colleagues get along and pull together as a team when needed. Everyone is willing to help each other out which gives a good atmosphere.


It is everyone in the team, we have a good rapport and everyone is willing to help each other out. It makes coming to work a pleasure!


Working with great people.





*This was an anonymous survey.