Kandice's Level 2 Qualification

Posted on
21 May 2021

Kandice told us:

I feel I've benefitted from the qualification as I found out new things, and legislations that had changed and I was able to recognise areas that I could improve on and implement them into my work. My main worry about doing the course was about the end point discussion. I'm not very good at being put on the spot for answers as I live with dyslexia.

I found it extremely difficult to manage a good work-life balance while studying and did most of my work at home. It was impossible to find any free time to do it at work when I was looking after three people who need my support and like to talk to me. 


Do you have any advice for someone who is going to start their qualification?

Read the questions over many times -  some I found could possibly have multiple answers. Also my tutor was amazing so I'd say communicating with them is key and asking many questions as I did. Try your best that's all we can do and try to enjoy learning new things rather than it being a task that needs to be completed.


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