Laura's Career Progression

Posted on
21 December 2022

We asked Laura Faulkner, Lead Support Worker at Escape, to answer a few questions around her career progression over the years.


Did you always know you wanted to work in care?

I never really thought about it, I did something totally different in the past but when my grandad became poorly he moved in our home and we cared for him right up to his final days. It was then I knew this was something I wanted to do as a career.


Tell us about your career since that first role?

I started off in care working as a carer at Spurr House in 2015, I knew straight away this was the job for me. I progressed to acting senior in 2016 then interviewed for a senior position and was successful. I worked at Spurr House as a senior until it closed in 2021 due to council cuts. I then interviewed for a lead support worker role for Escape day service and was successful. I love it here. I’ve really settled and love my role. I have never looked back from starting Persona back in 2015, it was definitely the right decision for me. 


What do you enjoy the most about your role?

My role now is to lead the team at Escape and to plan a weekly timetable and ensure the people we support get to do all the things they enjoy the most and live their best lives. I love getting involved and going out with them, seeing them smile and enjoy their days with us - it gives me the most enjoyment and job satisfaction. From drama productions, cinema, bowling, pantos, wheel for all, swimming, gym, spinning they really do keep busy and love it.


What do you wish people knew about your job?

How enjoyable it is and how much satisfaction you get day to day when the people you support enjoy the service we provide. 


What qualities do you think are needed to work in care?

There are several qualities I feel that are needed when working in care some of these are:
Caring – this is very important as we need to be caring to the people we support.
Respectful – we need to have respect for the people we support. We should respect their wishes, values and dignity.
Enthusiasm and Empathy – these go hand in hand because they are both ways to demonstrate to the people we support that we care.

What would you say to someone who was thinking about a role in care?

I would say go for it, it’s the most rewarding job knowing you have made a difference no matter how small in someone’s day/lives.


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