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Hi everyone, I just wanted to send a short message as we reach the end of the year to say a massive thank you for all of your hard work throughout the year. The things you do make such a massive difference in people's lives and it is really appreciated. This time of year is a time of celebration for many people but it can also be a time of reflection on the year that's gone and the one that's to come and I know that for some of you, you will be ending the year without someone that you cared about alongside you. For those of you affected in that way, I hope that you can find a way to remember them with fondness. As we all know, providing care doesn't stop for Christmas so for those of you who will be working for some or all of the festive period, thank you so much for doing that in order to give the people we support the things they need, including a great Christmas themselves. I know many of you made personal sacrifices to achieve that and it really is appreciated, you are true care heroes and I hope that 2024 brings great happiness and good times for you all, very best of wishes.