David Pope

Posted on
18 January 2018

Brief Career Summary:

Since August 2019 I’ve taken on the trainee role of Health and Safety Building Compliance Officer, which involves upskilling and becoming qualified in order to carry the role out full time.

Prior to this I had been working at Grundy Day Centre for 11 years. I started as a Care Assistant and after 3 years I became a Day Care Officer. Later in my care career I became qualified to train staff in Manual Handling, and I continue to perform this role as it seems like a natural fit into my Health and Safety role.

I am a Unison Shop Steward and learning representative and held a Health and Safety rep role with Unison until 2019. 

Specialisms/Areas of Expertise:

I initially volunteered for the role of Staff Director because I believe that Persona needs one.  Having a person in the board room who can bring forward the views and opinions of frontline staff has helped the Board to make more informed decisions. Having undertaken a full term as Staff Director I have found that there was an awful lot to learn, and I’ve really developed in this area. I feel having frontline representation in the board room is something that every company should aim for.

I have a degree in psychology and crime studies, and have completed training on a number of different aspects of care work.