Bambino's Nursery visit Grundy

Posted on
09 June 2017

We are really fortunate to enjoy a great relationship with Bambino's Day Nursery, who regularly visit customers at Grundy Day Centre and help us to promote intergenerational friendship in Bury.


What a fantastic and enjoyable afternoon everyone had when the children visited recently!


The afternoon was spent playing with balloons, bubbles and games and also singing from the nursery children and our customers also gave a rendition of one of their favourite tunes. 


The children had spend the morning making cakes to share with customer and these went down a treat, along with the homemade trifle and biscuits.




There was lots of laugher and enjoyment on everyone's faces and it was delightful to watch two generations come together.  Barbara a customer from Grundy said that she loved to just watch the children playing and that it brought back memories of her childhood.


This was a fantasic experience for all involved and e look forward to regualr monthly visits from Bambino's nursery and seeing two generations sharing in a range of activities.