Congratulations Liz!

Posted on
20 July 2020

In July 1990, Liz Davies started work at Whittle Pike Day Centre in Ramsbottom. After a move to Topping Fold Outreach in 2007, she moved ‘back’ to the Ramsbottom Centre, a new complex built on the site of Whittle Pike. Working at Ramsbottom, Liz said she felt she had ‘come home’ and it wasn’t the only reunion she had.

Kathleen was one of the first customers to start going to Whittle Pike when it opened in 1972 and she, too, was waiting at the ‘new’ Ramsbottom centre for Liz. The two are always reminiscing about past and present customers, staff and the changes they’ve seen in the learning disability service.

Jo Holland, Liz’s supervisor and Support Coordinator says ‘It’s quite overwhelming listening to them chat, it also highlights how customers and staff can have a real bond, a fondness and history together. They share highs and lows they have gone through; sadness and happiness and how the service we provide used to be as well as how it has changed.’

And they are still chatting, even the Coronavirus lockdown hasn’t kept Liz and Kathleen apart! They have been meeting every week, with Liz supporting Kathleen at home, enjoying a brew and a natter together.




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