Experiencing freedom through rhythm and bounce

Posted on
09 July 2019

Sunnybank offers a range of activities for our day service customers who have profound and complex needs. But there are no limitations at here and this is shown perfectly by Gavin. He recently enjoyed African Drumming and Rebound at Sunnybank.

African Drumming is a weekly activity at the centre, where the group comes together, using drums to create music. Gavin shows no barriers as he enjoys the sound of the African Drum, feeling those beats, vibrations and relaxing to the hypnotic rhythms which helps to exercise his hands and help develop his co-ordination and rhythm.

Rebound is a movement therapy that was founded in 1972 and uses trampolines to facilitate movement, promote balance and for people like Gavin, giving him the feeling of freedom of movement that is often missing in his day to day life.


You can just see by the massive smile on his face how much he enjoys these activities.


If you would like more information please contact Sunnybank

0161 796 2582 or email info@personasupport.org.