It's easier for you, you've got longer legs!

Posted on
04 September 2019

"It’s easier for you, you’ve got longer legs”.

That is the excuse I’ve been using throughout all of my training for the 10k this year. 

When I completed the 10k last year, I swore I’d never run again. I had leg pains and I cried 50% of the way around! Hours later, in the pub, my dad and my boyfriend told me they were signing up, and they wanted to beat my time. Clearly, they’d had too much to drink, do they honestly think I’m going to sit back and watch them rip away my title of “family sports star”?

No way! So I signed up again. 

Now, if you’ve met me, you’ll know that I’m not exactly the tallest of people, so to train with two men who are 6”4 and 6”2 (basically a whole foot taller than me) is a bit of a challenge!

It’s quite funny actually, when you run with people taller than you. They promise that they’ll keep up with you, and about 5 strides later they’re halfway across the continent and I’m still outside my front gate! 

I don’t mind to be honest with you, it’s actually quite motivating when you follow someone, like having your own personal pace maker... but the pace maker gets further and further away from you and drinks all of your water. 

You would not believe the amount of times I’ve been riddled with jealousy as they’ve reached the next kilometre, a good few hundred yards ahead of me, and I’m still trailing behind like a snail.

But, if you recall the beloved childhood story, The Tortoise and The Hare... it’s safe to say we all know who will be crowned the Cooper Family Champion this year-

-my mother, who will be sat in the pub, filled with content knowing that she isn’t competitive enough to even bother. 

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