Persona Wellbeing: Bootcamp

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05 July 2019

As part of in our Wellbeing series we talked to Nicola Deaville at Victoria Centre about her relationship with Bootcamp.

 “I love it!” Nicola beams. Having always been active, Nicola was often at the gym but found it quite boring and wanted to try something new.



“Rammy Bootcamp”


This love affair is 3 years in the making and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. The pull of the group is that it’s always different. No matter what time of year, no matter what the weather, Bootcamp is on! And it’s that challenge of different exercises versus different weather conditions that appeals to Nicola.


“It might sound twee but Bootcamp is a family”

“There is a great team there… great banter. I have a lot of belly laughs when I go. You feel good afterwards especially when the weather is bad. After all day at work, all you want to do is go home and put your pyjamas on. But you go to boot camp and after a hot shower you feel better. Really perks you up.

You just forget about everything that’s going on. For me it’s healthy to forget about work, bills, and just concentrate on the activity and the friendships. I go home feeling lighter. I see life differently after 6 hours of boot camp a week.”


Holcombe Hill is often the main attraction, as the group run up it carrying equipment for the session. But don’t let that put you off giving Bootcamp a go. Nicola is quick to say that now she can run up and down Holcombe Hill easily but when she started, she had to walk it. We all have to start somewhere and self-esteem is a key part of the group.

“It’s never a race. Someone will always be at the back. Doesn’t mean they are any worse than anybody else. Everyone boosts you up. Because you work at your own level, everyone is equal. Try it!”



A shift in perception

For Nicola, Bootcamp has set up her wellbeing and changed hers and other bootcampers mentalities to the point that they are eager to try bigger challenges. “If I can do bootcamp, I can do that.” This prompted her to do the Winter Wolf Run. “The end was good because you get the t shirt and the medal but half way round I was struggling.”

“Once I conquered lots of things, looking at other tasks wasn’t that daunting… I did the Snowdon walk with Persona and I thought I would struggle… I didn’t.”


By challenging herself and in so doing, her wellbeing, Nicola has been able to shift her perception positively in what she can do, and is now ready to face anything. Bring it on!




If you would like to give bootcamp a go please click here for Rammy Bootcamp Facebook page.

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