Persona Wellbeing: I'm proud to be the greatest loser!

Posted on
21 October 2019

About five years ago, I'd been caring for my auntie, who had dementia, so my priority was not looking after myself at all.  I was feeling unwell, waking up stiff, having trouble doing my shoelaces up and when I saw a video of myself, I didn't recognise myself and I realised I had to do something to lose weight.  I'd been focussing so much on other people that I had to do something for me.

I'd tried Slimming World years ago and got nowhere, but when I was performing with the Rock Choir at the Ideal Home exhibition at Event City, I came across a flyer and I was inspired by two friends who'd lost twelve stone between them. Within four weeks I'd lost about a stone, but I was eating more than I was before I started with Slimming World - I was just eating the right stuff. I've lost seven stone in two and a half years, I've gone down eight dress sizes and my feet have got smaller. I'm finding other benefits too - I can walk further without feeling out of breath; I was pre-diabetic and had high blood pressure, but now all my results are completely normal and I can sing all night in the choir without feeling stiff the day after.

Lots of people have been really supportive.  I used to dread moving and handling and first aid courses, but now I'm 'bring it on!' because I can get down on the floor no problem!  Now, if I'm prompted to do something active like go for a walk (I use the Action for Happiness app), I can just do it because I'm much fitter.  I feel more optimistic and happier - that's down to both losing the weight and being in the Rock Choir; they seem like separate things but together they have made a big difference to me.  I've won the 'Greatest Loser' award three years on the run and I've won awards for inspiring other people too.


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