Persona Wellbeing: Walking and Gym

Posted on
13 August 2019

Karen Smalley is the cheery face that always welcomes you when you come to Grundy Day Service. But what is behind that smile?

That smile has been generated by her wellbeing regime which consists of a 35min walk to and from work, and going to the gym. She has always been a keen walker but after the GP advised that Karen should also tone up due to bone density issues, she added going to the gym into the mix.

“I was walking before because for the plain pure exercise, plus what it gave me… you set off to go to work and you’ll go into a little world of your own and you just think of all the nice things and you can start planning stuff, which makes you feel better when you get to work… I just feel chilled out and then walking back home just gets rid of all the stresses of the day…

…The gym came into it because I thought I needed that little bit more structure. I tend to walk one day, gym the other and then if the weather is bad I’ll walk on the treadmill.”

The gym isn’t Karen’s favourite but with results presenting themselves more quickly, she says she’ll stick with it.  The positive side to the gym is the change from feeling unmotivated and tired, to coming out feeling energised and ready for anything! And then there are the knock on effects of going to the gym and walking. Karen has found that her general feeling of having fewer aches, pain and having more energy has encouraged her to eat more healthily. “I’m making myself eat healthier because I’m thinking I’m not going to spoil it all now”.

Karen’s motivations are for this to be long term. As she has got older she has found issues around her health have started to creep in. But Karen refuses to succumb to them and takes the proactive stance for her health. “If I can feel better after a month or so, I’m going to be feeling tonnes better in another few months and keep me in work, keep me healthy, fit and slim” What’s not to like about that? And it’s not just in herself that she has noticed a difference, her family have commented on a more positive Mum and Wife who comes in through the door at the end of the day. Karen says that by being healthier with her gym visits and walking, it has allowed her to shift her perspective towards a positive mind-set.


“[Before] I’ll come home and I’ll be like ‘what a day ugh!’ But now I’m coming home and thinking ‘Oh I’ve actually had a nice day at work today’. I think it just gets rid of that negativity and shifts your perspective. You leave work feeling like you’ve had a bad day but as I’ve walked home, it doesn’t feel as bad of a day because winding down you’re thinking about stuff and putting it all into perspective and thinking ‘well no, it wasn’t actually a bad day’, so when I’m going into the house ‘Right! What we having for tea?’ and I’m feeling quite jolly.

What a great attitude to have! Every day is a good day. Nice one Karen!



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