The Persona team has run the Bury 10k!

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07 August 2018

Congratulations to the Persona Bury 10k team, who all completed the race in under an hour and a half!

It was a great atmosphere, superbly organised and our thanks go out to all who had a part in its organisation and those who volunteered and supported runners all along the length of the route. 

Thanks also to our extremely generous sponsors - we raised a total of £1,038.25 (including Gift Aid) - which has been raised for Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary.  

Here are the results for the Persona team runners; their position in their running class and their chip times.

John O'Connor 51st 51:09
Kat Sowden 33rd 52.18
Danny Sowden 225th 54:00
Lee Sawbridge 131st 56:09
Joel Noblett 257th 56:19
Stewart 138th 56:25
Amanda Freestone 144th 59:46
Vicky Brimelow 217th 1:06:11
Mollie Cooper 281st 1:13:32
Laura Wolstenholme 312th 1:18:57
Eddie Cheung 359th 1:18:57
David Pope 361st 1:21:36
Anna Craig 330th 1:27:35
Charlotte O'Rourke 331st 1:27:36
Zoe Brady 224th 1:29:04
Kyle Howard 362nd 1:29:07

Well done again to each and every one of you - you are an inspiration to us all!

Pictured below are (left to right): back

Kat Sowden, Joel Noblett, John O'Connor, Vicky Brimelow, Zoe Brady, Charlotte O'Rourke, Anna Craig, Stewart McCombe, Laura Wolstenholme


Kyle Howard, David Pope, Mollie Cooper, Eddie Cheung, Lee Sawbridge

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