Yes, shopping is a sport!

Posted on
03 September 2019

Yes I have been persuaded to join Team Persona and run the Bury 10k in aid of Bury Hospice. Anyone who knows me will also know this will not be an easy task for me, the most exercise I get is shopping (yes it is a sport, or it should be!).

I started my training with a 4.75km walk on the 20th August, which I did in 58:24min and if I’m honest my time hasn’t really improved but my knees and hips don’t hurt as much as they did and I can still breath at the end (although I am still bright red).


The Persona Bury 10K Facebook Group has helped to motivate me to get out more but I won’t be competing with the “athletes” in our team, I’ll let them fight it out, my goal is to just finish and then carry on so that by next year I’m hoping to be able to run most of it.

Good luck to the rest of the team, who will no doubt smash it and beat their personal goals too  and there are a few of us who aim to walk/jog and as long as we finish in a respectable time and have fun along the way and raise some money for our charity, then we can also feel we have achieved our goal.

To support the team, visit our JustGiving page here supporting Bury Hospice - thank you!

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