Carers Week 2020: We Got You

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08 June 2020

This week (8th- 14th June 2020) is Carers' Week.


Natalie Loftus, like many in Persona, has used her Adaptable value to brilliant effect during the Covid-19 epidemic. Usually based with Learning Disability Day Service, Natalie has applied her skills within the Supported Living Team of Persona.


Being inspired by how customers and staff have dealt with Covid-19, Natalie not only wrote but also sang and played the guitar for her song 'We Got You'. Click the video below and enjoy! 



We asked Natalie how she got into the care sector and where her hidden talent came from.


What made you want to go into the care sector?

My mum has worked in Supported Living for 22 years now and it's been inspiring seeing her bring positivity to people's lives.
I've always believed that everyone has the right to a full, happy life. Being part of a team that helps make sure that happens is something I'm very proud of.
Prior to Persona I was working in retail, which is not something I was passionate about. It's so great to have a job that's so rewarding and that I enjoy.


What is your favourite thing about the job?

There's lots of things I love about my job, but by far the best is the amount of laughter and smiles my days are filled with.
Knowing our customers are enjoying their time in Day Services is very fulfilling. They're some of the most fun-loving people I've ever known.


How have you coped with Covid-19?

It's not been the best experience, but having constant support from my manager Nicola Deaville has been extremely important to me. Thank you, Nicola!
I'm also enjoying the new challenge of working in Supported Living. It's expanded my work experience and every day I learn something new. The staff I'm working with have been very welcoming.

*If you would like to know how Persona is dealing with Covid-19, please click here.



Tell us about your creative talents of singing, playing guitar and writing songs.

My great aunt was my main inspiration, she had an electric organ I would play every time I visited, and has the best Les Paul guitar I've ever seen!
Being from an Irish family definitely affected my relationship with music. Singing and playing instruments are a big part of that culture. It was always encouraged and I'm really lucky it was part of my life growing up.
My songwriting days were mainly in my teens, but I was a goth then... so you can imagine how that went.


Have you been doing it a long time?

I've played instruments since I was very young but when I was 13 I decided to learn guitar. I'd originally started with bass but I was far too small for it, so I got an electric guitar and taught myself using a book of chords. To be honest, I'm 32 now and still too small to play the bass guitar. Over the years I've racked up quite a few instruments, including drums, banjo, piano, tin whistle and the bodhrán, which is an Irish drum. Next on my hitlist is the ukulele.


What do you like about working for Persona?

I love that every day is different. We're always doing something new and exciting with the customers.
No two days are the same at the Victoria Centre and it's great the customers have an active choice in their activities.
I also love how supportive Persona is for everyone involved, including staff. Everyone really cares about the values and it shows every day.


Any advice for anyone that would like to go into care?

Go for it and always keep an open mind. If it's something you're passionate about then it's definitely a rewarding and fulfilling career.


Big thank you to Natalie for sharing her creative talent and to Supported Living Team Co-ordinators Michelle McMahon and Jackie Jackson for the music video.


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