Celebration Day 2022

Posted on
10 November 2022

On 1st October Persona turned 7 years old! To celebrate, our services made some wool rainbows and had lots of parties!

At Elmhurst they had a disco and some cake to celebrate!

Grundy Hub and Peachment Place came together and had a birthday cake with a big rainbow on it and made some beautiful wool rainbows.

Everyone from Queensberry Place and Queensberry Day Service went all out with their decorations and some yummy party food!

Escape spent a week making some beautiful wall displays and rainbows then enjoyed a buffet on the day.

Ramsbottom Centre got creative with their rainbows and made them into rainbow decorations using some cards and string.

Everyone at Bury Shared Lives got together at The Green to make wool rainbows and snow globes and they even had some visitors from Supported Living.


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