Christmas Tree Competition 2022

Posted on
16 December 2022

Congratulations to our winners:


Elton Community Centre and

Hoyles Community Centre


who have each won £25 for their amenity fund.



Every service puts up fantastic Christmas trees every year and our Christmas tree competition is one way we can all share in everyone's creativity and hard work, and get into the festive spirit!


Thank you to everyone who entered this year; as ever, your creations are amazing and we know how much pleasure everyone gets from seeing them! 


A couple of the entries also have interesting stories attached:

Hoyles said 'our tree was donated and the decorations were made, borrowed and up-cycled. We think it's quite fitting in today's climate to be resourceful and right on track to help reduce our carbon footprint!'. This fits perfectly with Persona's current work to understand and reduce our carbon footprint as an organisation. 

The Elms have had a true 'co-production' Christmas! Lisa from The Elms told us 'It's been a fantastic person-centred experience. People we support wrote ideas and they were put into a hat. The star was picked out. It is just a normal Christmas tree that has been shaped into a star, and beautifully decorated by our the people we support!'.


Click below to see all the entries and the runners up:



A big, Christmassy thank you to Tony Hunter, chair of Persona's board, who helped Santa out by judging the entries this year.