Grundy Hub's Special Visitors

Posted on
02 March 2022

To celebrate Love Your Pet Day, a few of us took our pets to meet some lovely people at the Grundy Hub!

We took:

We love our pets as they bring us joy & they are good for us - they

  • encourage us to exercise & socialise through walks
  • can lower our blood pressure
  • improve our cognitive functions, such as remembering and attention
  • help manage loneliness, stress & depression. 


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Whilst at the Grundy Hub, we enjoyed listening to each other's stories and memories about everyone's furry friends. Most of us grew up with pets and couldn't imagine a life without them, whereas some people hadn't had a pet in years but to see how happy they were to interact with our pets was the highlight of the afternoon.

Everyone loved meeting our pets & the animals loved it just as much!

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