How to Hygge

Posted on
04 January 2024

Now is the season of hygge - pamper all your senses & get cosy this winter.

Enjoy & share our tips.


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Poster reads:

How to Hygge*


hygge is a personal thing - pamper all your senses - what looks, feels, hears, smells & tastes good to you?


  • spend quality time with friends & family
  • texture and cosiness is important for hygge - get some cushions & blankets to curl up with
  • wear comfortable clothes that make you feel good with their texture, pattern or colour
  • books of all sorts are great for hygge - classics, detectives or even cookery books
  • cakes & pastries are hyggelig - or how about a biscuit, or some chocolate?
  • use your favourite mug or teapot & have a hot drink - coffee, tea, chocolate, blackcurrant - savour it
  • avoid multi-tasking - focus on what you are doing & enjoy it
  • bring the outdoors in with plants or flowers
  • if you aren't lucky enough to have a real fire, find a virtual one to play on your smartphone or your TV
  • candles are popular for hygge. If you don't have any, try electric tea lights, fairy lights or a lamp


What is hygge?
It's being cosy, content & comfortable. 
Taking time away from the daily rush to relax and enjoy life's quieter pleasures.