It's All About Wellbeing

Posted on
18 July 2023

Lead Champion of our Mental Health themed quarter, Mo Arthur, arranged a Healthy Minds session at The Green. The purpose of the event was for staff and people we support to learn different techniques on dealing with stress and develop their knowledge on mental health. 

The session went really well and there was positive feedback all round.

When we asked Rebecca, who uses our Supported Living service, what well being means to her, she said "wellbeing is really important and it means having a healthy mind in order to have a healthy body".

As part of the session, they learnt different breathing techniques to combat stress and Rebecca said she really enjoyed learning these and that they are something she wishes to continue doing with her support staff.

Kim, shared lives worker, said the breathing techniques were her favourite part of the day as "these can be used in our everyday lives and are important skills to have" to stay in a positive frame of mind and be emotionally and mentally well.

After the Healthy Minds session, the day doubled up as the group enjoyed a cream tea afternoon giving everyone the opportunity to reflect on the day and take part in some DIY activities. This included making their own hand scrub and potting some plants.

Macc, from Shared Lives, did a DJ set and created a Kahoot music quiz for everyone to enjoy.

Sarisa, who is also from Shared Lives, baked some lovely treats which she sold to raise money for Cancer Research UK, where she works.