National Poetry Day 2023

Posted on
05 October 2023

Laura, who is a Shared Lives carer and Deniese, who works as a personal assistant at Bolton Road Community Centre, have each written a poem about care and we're sharing them to mark National Poetry Day.

You can download copies of the poems below, or share this page with a friend if you like them!


To Know Her Is To Love Her

‘Disabled’ they said, but in whose opinion?

How come……..       
She is able to charm everyone she meets 
She is able to embrace each day with excitement
She is able to tell me all the foods I need to make for each Festival
She is able to remember things I’ve long forgotten
She is able to recognise a song and its singer in less than three seconds
She has a heart so big she is able to love unconditionally
She is able to pray with such feeling that I’m sure her words are fast tracked to G-d.

I think it’s because from within the very nature of the challenges 
G-d gave her, lies the beauty that He gave her too.   

A ray of sunshine able to brighten everyone’s day, how can I not love her?

And so in my opinion, she is the most able person ever, 
simply because she is able where it counts the most!

by Laura, Shared Lives Carer


Download a copy here.


Bolton Road Cares for their Customers

I came to the centre to care for Wynn
As an outside carer I’d like to share a few things,

The staff at the centre provide the ultimate care
To all their customers they treat equally and fair,

Providing comfort and care is their ultimate aim
With daily interventions their customers flourish and gain,

Physical, emotional and wellbeing support
With all their customers staff build great rapport

John, Barry and Tim like to play football
Beth, Megann, Sarah and Nicky staff provide activities for all

Cooking on a Friday the customers love to do
Supported by staff they all work through

To see the customers laugh and interact with each other 
It’s credit to all the staff nothing is too much bother 

So privileged and humble I feel to work here
I feel part of their team sharing laughter and tears

So to Joanne and all the staff one of the best teams I’ve seen
Customer care is paramount working many professions I have been.

Well Done Bolton Road!!

by Deniese Holland-Ratcliffe
(Complex Care)
September 2023


*some names have been changed to protect people's privacy.


Download a copy here.