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Posted on
16 August 2023


August 2023


I am Mike Moore, I work at Sunnybank in LDDS and have been within the service for over a decade.


In that time I have seen 'tech' being implemented more and more, with electronic signing in for residential staff, the introduction of Care Control and EMar and also the massive level Persona has embraced creating a 'Digital Presence' with the use of social media and the intranet and also how we access learning, applaud stand out staff and/or services with High Fives. All of this to someone who has a passion for tech related things and is always excited to learn of new and exciting ways of engaging via the digital space is amazing to me personally.


When I heard Persona was looking for a digital ambassador I could feel the excitement to pursue that opportunity, I knew it was something I would love to be a part of and I was fortunate enough to get it!


I believe this role has so much potential to help our services alongside the other amazing ambassadors we have representing the areas of 'Green', 'Workforce' and 'Well-being' having personally met these people I can say their passion for their respective roles is equally very high and you would be in great hands with any of them should you wish to find out more on their areas.


I hope I can use this opportunity to make 'tech/digital use/I.T.' a little less daunting to those who may feel a little apprehensive at the idea of the implementation of new tech we now use and to reassure everyone it CAN be a massive time saver and benefit overall once we all get a better grasp of it.


We all do an amazing job doing our respective roles to make Persona the excellent service it is for those that access our various services and I know each and every one of us can use tech to some degree to lighten the load.


Over the course of July I have been learning more about a new project called 'Virtual House' which uses tech to help those primarily in their own homes to have further independence while also being safe, easily monitored from a distance so they can have a sense of not relying on staff as much and being more self-sufficient. It also gives parents, carers and staff peace of mind that the people we support are safe and not going to put themselves in danger. I should be speaking to Rose and Claire soon to further gain more knowledge on Care Control and EMar so I can hopefully help with general FAQs etc (they will still be the go to for major issues of course).


I am looking to build a network of 'digital champions' from staff in each service to help me in my role so if you work for Persona and you have a passion for the digital wonders and the implementation, you may be just who I am looking for!


If you have any questions, thoughts, ideas or just generally wish to discuss anything my works number is: 07356 121 319. Please do not hesitate!


Thank you for taking the time to read this! (Pat yourself on the back, honestly.)



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