Our Digital Staff Ambassador

Posted on
15 February 2024

February 2024


I have had a rather quiet month in my ambassador role this month* but I have had the pleasure of joining the Shared Lives and Learning Disability Day Service managers’ team meetings this month. Both were really fun outings even if at times I did feel a tad unhelpful (I’m still learning too). I look forward to a more productive month this month but I apologise this month’s blog is a bit light on details.

Please feel free to shoot me a message any time if you would like to chat about things regarding digital and I promise I will get back to you asap – you can call me on 07356 121 319.

*I have been busy with my job as a support worker in LDDS which has been fantastic but has kept me busy in relation to ‘free time’ at work and when it comes to home life I have a very excitable 5 year old who wants to tell me a million and 1 things about a million and one things as well as a teething 5 month old who, between all of these things, have left me very busy and honestly quite tired. I wouldn’t change any of these situations at all as all are fab but regretfully, I HAVE fallen somewhat behind in my ambassador roles. I aim to work more on this going into March but I ask all bear with me.


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